Jiangsu Zenji Pharmaceuticals Ltd.



Company mission Develop science and technology to improve human health!
Company Vision Adhere to the principle of "quality, innovation, progress, and standards"
Pursue sustainable development and create a world-class pharmaceutical company!

our perspective

We respect shareholders, partners and employees, we work hard to create wealth for them, but also bring rewards to ourselves and our families.
We respect knowledge and value experience; we create new knowledge, improve technology, and are willing to contribute our talents to society and humanity.
We respect our personality and believe in equality. We hope that everyone will be happy and happy, and we are willing to give our efforts to the health of the public.
Integrity, helping the world
We are doing things truth-seeking and pragmatic, caring and caring, honesty and helping people to face life and work.
Simple and humble, full of confidence
We act proactively and know our own deficiencies, agree with the existence value of different opinions, and positive criticism makes our work full of motivation.
Sincerely face and solve with heart
We have the courage to shoulder our own work responsibilities, face problems, and never evade; diligent efforts, teamwork, problem solving, progress, and enjoyment of work.
Prohibition, political affairs, and
We will seriously discuss it, and we will do what we say, and we will never be perfunctory. The correct instructions and firm execution make our business successful.
Advocating learning, serious attention
We always pay attention to the progress of our employees every day, encourage employees to self-study, and give full play to their creativity. We also believe that serious attention can make us achieve success.